terça-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2008

2008 Wish List

The first month has just gone by, but my wish list is already set up and growing steadily.:-D There are a lot of books that I hope to buy (and read!) as soon as my new international credit card arrives. Here is my list:

1. Effective Java by Josh Bloch (2008).

The new edition of this book will come out in May, and I will grab a copy as soon as it's available. Josh is a well known java guru -- he has nice opinions about the closures controversy -- and his slides at JavaOne 2007 anticipate a nice book upgrade.

2. Enterprise Integration Patterns by Gregor Hophe and Bobby Woolf

Messaging is a cool and hot topic by itself. So here we have 736 pages of a nice subject.

3. Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible and Fried: My Life As a Revolting Cock by Chris Connely

Chris Connely has been quite active in the industrial scene. He joined acts like Ministry, Pigface, Revolting Cocks, among others, during his hardcore years as a singer. A truly survivor that deserves to have his stories told.

4. Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software by Eric Evans

It will be a classic book in software engineering. Everyone in software development industry should read this book, so I have to do my homework too.

And also,

5. Fundamentals of Database Systems (5th Edition) by Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant Navathe

6. Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design by Jean Dollimore, Tim Kindberg and George Coulouris

Unfortunately, my copies of these two books were in the back seat of my car when it was stolen. Now, I'll have to buy them again.

All in all, 2008 will be a busy year! :-)

PS: I think a couple of brilliant people would do us a favor if they write new books about their favorite subjects. They are Doug Lea, Steve Vinoski and Neal Gafter, just to name a few, ok?

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Robert Konigsberg disse...

I have been fortunate enough to be a reviewer of the updated Effective Java. I think it's going to be an excellent update, worth the investment.